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Software is a Mature Industry

Here’s a great article that crystalizes some ideas I’ve been struggling with. More Evidence of a Maturing Software Industry talks about the slowing of the upgrade cycle for software like Microsoft Office. This is definitely a trend in mass market … Continue reading

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Yahoo RSS: Mainstream Uptake is Coming

Well, it’s about time. Yahoo recently launched an RSS aggregator, and it’s not bad. It allows me to have my favorite feeds right on the My Yahoo home page, which has been my home page for a few years now. … Continue reading

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Completely Missing the Point

Talk about morons, here’s the prototype. This article takes Google to task for planning to introduce an email service. The writer assumes it will be a free webmail service a la Hotmail. I really really really doubt it. Rather, my … Continue reading

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Today’s Networking Buddy: Alycia Jackson

This morning I had coffee with Alycia Jackson of Keybank. I met Alycia through Colorado Business Leads, and we’re working on a joint promotion with a few other members. Alycia handles both business and consumer banking. Keybank has tons of … Continue reading

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Skied Sunday

It’s days like this that remind me why I love living in Colorado Copper Mountain, Colorado This is the view near the top of the Super Bee lift. I was shooting into the sun, so there’s a slight glare, but … Continue reading

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Too Much Stuff

Our house is so stuffed full of stuff from the holidays it’s spilling into the garage and there’s barely room for the Ferrari. It might be time to finally get a storage shed.

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Proof: E-Mail is “Hideously Unreliable”

This is fascinating. Fred Langa of Information Week did an interesting test that suggests a lot of legitimate email is being blocked as spam.

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Today’s Networking Buddy: Mary Heidbrier

Today I met with Mary Heidbrier of MLJ Financial, whom I originally met through Colorado Business Leads. MLJ Financial specializes in health insurance for small businesses. Mary brings a very interesting perspective to the business. Prior to joining MLJ, she … Continue reading

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Stop the Negative Self-Talk

Good article on negative “self talk” that can affect your productivity. I used to think the whole “power of positive thinking” idea was a little hokey and unrealistic. But then one day I realized that, even if you don’t practice … Continue reading

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Had to post this

Couldn’t resist. This is a picture of my fiance that I took earlier this evening with our new digital camera. Isn’t she beautiful?

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