Monthly Archives: December 2004

Software Segmentation and Pricing

Joel on Software, which I read religiously, has a great, if ultimately inconclusive, essay on pricing in the software market.

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Beautiful Photos of Harbin, China

These are absolutely stunning. Harbin looks like an incredibly beautiful (and incredibly cold) place.

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PayPal for phpBB

A friend of mine wants to add support for PayPal subscriptions in their phpBB forums. I did a little digging and found two options. This one allows you to require that users subscribe via PayPal before they can use the … Continue reading

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MVC and PHP Fusebox

I’ve been following Jeff Moore’s comments about Model View Controller (MVC) and the resulting discussion because I’m thinking of moving Click Thru Stats to more of an MVC approach. I currently use PHP Fusebox. It’s procedural, but it can be adapted to … Continue reading

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Test Post of NewsGator to WordPress

This is pretty cool. I new NewsGator allowed you to post to weblogs. What I didn’t know is that NewsGator supports WordPress. Actually, it supports b2, but WordPress is an open-source spinoff of b2, so NewsGator supports WordPress by default. … Continue reading

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