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Book Review: Mr. China

Over the last couple days I read Mr. China: A Memoir (aff), by Tim Clissold. It’s kind of a Chinese version of Burn Rate (aff), which hilariously crystallized the the early days of the dot com mania. Except that, according to Clissold, China … Continue reading

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Google Moon

In honor of the moon landing on July 20, 1969, Google has launched Google Moon, which applies their mapping technology to a little slice of the moon. Make sure you zoom in really close. The detail is amazing.

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North Korea: Right Out of 1984

Lately I’ve been fascinated by North Korea. I guess because everything I hear about it is just so… creepy that it attracts me for the same reason I slow down when I drive by a traffic accidents. Kim Jong Il … Continue reading

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Shared tags – how long until the spam tsunami?

A few weeks ago Fred Wilson wrote about the (frankly brilliant) hijacking by Eric at Feedburner of his fred’spodcast tag to do an elevator pitch. So Fred set up a special fred’selevatorpitch tag just for this purpose. Then Brad Feld … Continue reading

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Independence Day at Estes Park

Yesterday my wife and I went to Estes Park for the afternoon and did a little canoeing on the reservoir (satellite picture here). It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. One thing I noticed, though, was there … Continue reading

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Breaking in to China

As some of you may know, I’m very interested in doing business in China. Earlier this year my wife (who is Chinese) and I set up Escalan Beijing, an online marketing company that helps Chinese companies with pay per click … Continue reading

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Google Adsense Secrets

Joel Comm, a friend of mine who’s been making a living online for many years, has released the second edition of his Google Adsense Secrets e-book(aff.). If you are using or considering using Adsense, I urge you to check this … Continue reading

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