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Doing Business in China: What I’ve Learned So Far

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m exploring business opportunities in China. I’ve been informally learning about the country ever since I met my wife three years ago. Over the last 10 months or so I’ve been more serious about it. On … Continue reading

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Google Baidu action

After last week’s huge IPO of Baidu, fueled partly on speculation that Google will buy them, it’s not a surprise to come across Baigoo. Hat tip: Danwei

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Peter Jennings

I never watch TV, at least not since I moved to Boulder in 1999. I own a television, but I don’t have cable because I know it would be such a distraction that I would never get anything done. (“Oh … Continue reading

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Growing Your Business with Google

Friend, business partner, noted writer and all-around great guy Dave Taylor has just released The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google and it looks to be pretty comprehensive. I had the good fortune of reading some of the … Continue reading

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American culture marches onward

From the “WTF!?” department. I learned today that Hooters is in China.

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Wal Mart invades Shanghai

Wal Mart, which all by itself is China’s eighth largest trading partner, is often the butt of jokes and not a little anger in the US because they are basically just a giant conduit for cheap Chinese products. Try telling … Continue reading

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