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Searching Google in simplified Chinese

In re: my previous post about searching Google for Tianenmen, a couple people pointed out that in China they don’t use the English spelling of the word, and in fact don’t even use Western character sets. The simplified Chinese version of … Continue reading

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Put down your coffee…

…before checking out Chewbacca’s blog. I warned you.

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I’m not worthy

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is a war going on. It’s easy for me, a high-tech yuppie living in a beautiful place with a view of the mountains out my office window – and no close friends … Continue reading

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The Future of Corrections?

When a newspaper or other publication makes a mistake, they typically run a correction a day or two later in a section of the paper that no one ever reads. Usually it’s out of context: the reader probably no longer … Continue reading

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Pictures worth a Thousand Yuan

The  blogosphere has been abuzz of late about Google’s apparent caving in to the Chinese government’s request that they censor their search results. I’m of mixed feelings about this. Being radically moderate and having spent time in China, I think … Continue reading

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VC Innovation

There’s an interesting thread going on between Doc Searls and Rick Segal about the need for innovation in the VC industry. I wrote a somewhat snarky comment arguing that it’s silly for VCs to try to innovate around the notion … Continue reading

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EQ wins out over IQ

I saw variations on this meme linked all over the place today: people ignore facts when making decisions. The study focused on politics, but something tells me a similar dynamic is in play in the stock market, except that there are … Continue reading

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Ward Churchill’s brother speaks

Interesting that: The Rocky Mountain News runs a letter from Ward Churchill’s brother Dan Debo on publisher John Temple’s blog, not the editorial page (though it may still run there) Such an apparently lefty, alternative-type person as Dan Debo goes … Continue reading

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Curiosty Killed the CPU

My primary computer is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s over three years old. It was one of the fastest non-specialized computers on the market when I bought it, but time has left it behind.It’s exacerbated by the fact … Continue reading

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For sale: our 1997 Lexus LS 400

Sorry to interrupt you, but just in case you know someone who might be interested, and assuming you didn’t already see it on Craigslist, my wife and I are selling our 1997 Lexus LS 400. Details are below, but the … Continue reading

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