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What Steve Said

An excellent postmortem about Enthusiast Group: I feel like I have learned — the hard way — some truths about grassroots content and online community. This column is my small attempt at preventing you from going through similar business heartache … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the cruft

As you may have heard, my latest venture failed. It was an angst-ridden time leading up to the decision to close our doors, but once it was made, life brightened considerably. No longer were we a train going down a … Continue reading

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Administrivia: Switching email subscriptions to Feedburner

If you read this blog via email notification and prefer a daily digest instead of a separate email for every post, you’ll want to unsubscribe from the list and re-subscribe to the digest version, which uses Feedburner. You’ll see the … Continue reading

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CBS uses Billboards to Deliver free WIFI

This is a pretty neat idea. CBS Corporation has rolled out the ”CBS Mobile Zone,” a wireless high-speed network enabling New Yorkers with Wi-Fi-enabled devices to access the Internet for free. That means snappy Web browsing, making voice over Internet … Continue reading

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OmniFocus hits it out of the park

I’ve been a devoted practitioner of Getting Things Done for almost five years. During that time I’ve experimented with lots of software to help me manage my to-do list, and I’m excited to have found the best one yet: OmniFocus … Continue reading

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Don’t just listen. Ask!

One of the big memes of the whole Web 2.0/social media phenomenon as it relates to business is the importance of listening. Stop talking about how great you are and start listening. To your customers, your advisors, your employees, the … Continue reading

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