Internet marketing in China

As some of you may know, my wife Dong is from China, and almost since the day we met I’ve been interested in doing business there. Earlier this year we set up an Asian American relationships discussion forum which has a small but loyal following. Dong does most of the work while I provide mostly technical support.

We’ve also been exploring other opportunities. There are several  in the pipeline, but one that we identified early on was the relative lack of use and education about Google AdWords in China. If you went to that link, you probably guessed that we’ve decided to remedy that problem by setting up Escalan Beijing, which launched today.

While Google is our initial focus, we believe there are all kinds of opportunities for Internet marketing in China, so if you have any interest, ideas or (best of all) know any potential customers who may want to talk to us, please send them my way. Xie xie! (That’s Mandarin for “Thank you!”).

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