Patriots and Broncos Fans Talking Smack

About this time last year I admitted that I’m a sport nut.Well, it’s NFL playoffs time again and I’m pretty cranked up about the Broncos-Patriots game this Saturday. Like any Denver sports fan, I mostly keep my radio tuned to Fan 950.

This morning something interesting happened. Apparently, somehow word got around in Boston that the morning host Marc Moser has been talking smack about the Patriots, and so a lot of Patriots fans in Boston started listening online and, this being talk radio, calling in to voice their displeasure. Moser knows good radio when he hears it, so he made sure to allow a plenty of Patriots fans to get on the air and encouraged them to keep calling. And then of course he gave Denver fans the red meat they need by insulting the Patriots fans.(One Patriots fan called right as the show was ending. Marc urged him to call back tomorrow because “I know you don’t have a job.” Classic.)

Moser promised to continue this through the rest of the week. This is the kind of thing that’s made for blogging, and I’ve always been surprised at the relative paucity of good sports blogs. Someday one of these sports stations will figure out the magic combo of live radio, podcasts and blogging. The AdSense revenue alone would probably be substantial – ads for sports paraphernalia, tickets, athletic gear etc, command good prices per click.

The Fan, Jim Rome and others do a decent job of featuring listeners’ email and running online features like contests and photo galleries, but they’re just scratching the surface. They could learn a few things from David Lawrence.

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