Semi-Random Walks #40 : Singer/songwriter/musician Latifah Phillips

latifahphillipsI really enjoyed this interview. Latifah Phillips is a prolific musician who writes, performs, produces, tours, the whole nine yards. And not just with one band. She is a member of multiple groups and also collaborates with other musicians as a performer and producer. I’ve been a fan of The Autumn Film for years, but it turns out that’s only a small piece of her musical portfolio. Other groups she’s part of include Moda Spira, Page CVXI and Sola-Mi.

Follower her on Twitter @thetifah, then listen in to learn what it’s like to be a successful professional musician.

Download mp3 or get it on iTunes or Stitcher

The show opened with “Because We Are,” one of my favorite songs from The Autumn Film:

…And it closed with a song I just discovered: “Trust Falling” by Sola-Mi. Get it on Noise Trade here.

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