Semi-Random Walks #5: Joel Comm, serial entrepreneur and writer

Today on SRW we talk with Joel Comm, a writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur who launched his first web site all the way back in 1995 (coincidentally, the same year I joined Oy.). Joel has had a lot of successes and a few misfires along the way. So many, in fact, that we weren’t even able to get through all of them and we’ll need to have him back on the show at some point just to get through the rest of his resume.

Below are links to some of the sites and people mentioned in this episode. You can also find Joel on Twitter @JoelComm and on Facebook here.

Also, we didn’t have time to talk about it in the interview, but earlier this year Joel created a parody of Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Check out the video below.

PS After the interview Joel and I had coffee at the local Starbucks and talked about career, relationships etc. I’m sort of in a career crossing point myself and trying to figure out what I want to do next. One question he asked was: “in a year from now, what would you like to look back on and be glad you did?”

I’m still ruminating on that, but in the meantime I’ll throw it out to you. What would you like to look back on in 2014?

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